Art Gallery

During the Republican festival-fair of rural workers "Dazhynki-2005" in October 2005 in Slutsk a branch of Slutsk Museum of Local History "Art Gallery" was opened. In December 2013 the Art Gallery branch of Slutsk Museum of Local History was named after Vladimir Stepanovich Sadin.

Vladimir Sadin (1924-2010) — professional artist and teacher, veteran of the Great Patriotic War, honored worker of culture of the BSSR, honorary citizen of the Slutsk district. V. S. Sadin — the founder and the head of the fine arts studio in the city House of pioneers and schoolboys where the younger generation came to be engaged and to develop their creative abilities. As a result, there was a galaxy of talented students, today's famous Belarusian artists: V. and M. Basalyho, G. Skripnichenko, V. Tsesler, A. Rubets, V. Golub, V. Dubinka, V. Akulov, V. Suzdaltsev, N. Karzov and many others.

Slutsk land gave modern art many talented artists who have glorified their country: N. Volynets, I. Protasenya, brothers V. and M. Basalyga, G. Skripnichenko, V. Cesler, A. Rubets, V. Golub, V. Vishnevsky, V. Vitko, N. Branovets, V. Akulov and many others. The collection of works of local lore museum was growing, and the question arose about the appearance of a new exhibition area.

Two-storey building of Art Gallery is situated in the center of the city and has five exhibition halls with changing expositions. During the year up to 20 various exhibitions are held in the Gallery of Arts: solo exhibitions of modern Belarusian artists, exhibitions of the collection of paintings and drawings from the funds of Slutsk Regional Museum and exhibitions of Slutsk artisans, exhibitions presented by the embassies of Japan, China, Iran, Israel and Russia to learn the culture and traditions of these countries. Such areas as painting and graphics, sculpture, arts and crafts, icon painting, photography, folk crafts are demonstrated.

A lot of creative work has been done in terms of introducing the achievements in the field of contemporary art of Belarus to Slutsk and guests of the region. Many masters of Belarusian art exhibited their works in the Gallery of Arts. Among them are Slutsk painters Nikolai Volynets, watercolorist Ivan Protasenya, graphic artist Vladimir Sadin, painters Alexander Rubets, Vladimir Vitko, Vladimir Golub, Vladimir Hodorovich, and Vladimir Akulov. Such famous Belarusian contemporary artists as Valery Shkarubo, a laureate of the State Prize, graphic artists Natalia and Catherine Poplavskya, painter Ivan Stasevich, painters Igor and Elena Barkhatkovy, painters Grigory and Maria Tobolich, painter Leonid Gomonov, Anatoly Kontsub, sculptor Eduard Astafyev, graphic artists Vladimir Sharkov and Sergey Pyzhikov, and many others exhibited their works in Slutsk.

In the Gallery of Arts named after V. Sadin Art Gallery organizes creative meetings with artists, master classes, events dedicated to memorable dates in our history, excursions and lectures.

Cooperation and joint exhibition projects with leading museums of Belarus such as the National Historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus, the Museum of Old Belarusian Culture of NAS of Belarus, the Castle Complex "Mir", the Minsk Regional Local History Museum and the Belarusian Orthodox Church bring new forms of work and introduce visitors to the history of Slutsk region to the activities of the Art Gallery.

Also, the branch "Art Gallery of V. Sadin" is a cycle of museum-pedagogical activities on fine arts — "The Seasons" and "Her Majesty — the painting". Students of city schools of grades 1-5 learn about the genre of landscape and works of Slutsk painters. During the lessons, children expand their understanding of painting as one of the types of fine art, its genres. Children become acquainted with the technical materials of the artist, through which the paintings are created. These activities are held in an interactive form: various contests are held, poems about the season are read. Children guess riddles and draw on a given theme.

In recent years the demand for art has been growing, it is a spiritual component of our lives. Of course, in the Art Gallery residents of Slutčina can develop their aesthetic taste, enrich their spiritual life and touch the world of professional art.